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Updated April 11, 2008 Before a few months ago Shaun was never with a shemale until her gf brought one into he bedroom with them, and now, he can't get enough. When his gf wasn't around, he decided to call her shemale friend, Violette, to come over. He was really itching for a hard cock in his ass and Violette was more than happy to do just that!
Updated March 17, 2008 Shaun's girlfriend had a friend at work who really turns her on, but she didn't want to cheat on Shaun. She brought it up with him and he agreed to a threesome with her. When the two girls came over, they started to get naked and he saw that this new friend has a dick! She is a gorgeous shemale though so he went along with it. They stroked his cock and he let her new friend fuck him in the ass!
Bonus Update March 10 Scarlett's boyfriend Brian has been acting like a lazy bitch for the past few months. He hasn't bothered to find a job in the past few months and this really pisses her off. Since he's acting like a bitch Scarlett decided to treat him like one! She pulled out a strapon dildo and shoved it down his throat, then proceeded to fuck him deep in the ass!
Updated February 25, 2008 Mercedez is a hot shemale who swings both ways. She invited a hot blonde slut named Hope over because she was in the mood to fuck. When Hope arrived, she looked so good, that Mercedez quickly undressed her and gave it to her till she came on her ass!
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Updated September 19, 2008 Gina was hot for some action and so she left a message on her booty call's answer me asking him to come over so they could fuck. Well her booty call wasn't around but his roommate, Junior, heard the entire message so without hesitation he showed up at her place!
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Updated September 5, 2008 Sandy is a beautiful black haired shemale who meets up with a horny guy for some hardcore fucking. They start off sucking each other's cocks. After they are both nice and hard, they take turns fucking each other deep in their ass! Watch the entire hardcore shemale video now!
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Updated August 22, 2008 Kendra is a sexy blonde shemale who visits her friend Stacey at her house. Stacey is very cute girl that Kendra has always adored. While they were hanging out together Stacey made a move on her, and Kendra was very excited. She quickly undressed and caressed her beautiful body. Stacey then sucked on Kendra's cock before bending over and letting her fuck her deep in her ass.
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Updated August 15, 2008 Vicky and Nate start out their fun sessions by kissing and sucking on each others cocks. Then they return each other the favor by puttin it inside each other first very slowly, then Nate bends Vicky over and screws her in the ass extremely deep!
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Updated July 25, 2008 Geneva is a hot shemale who is into hunky dudes that can really give her a good old fashioned hard fucking. Well she definitely lucked out when she was introduced to Blade the boat captain. He calls him over to have a few drinks to ease the mood!
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Updated July 18, 2008 Steve gets so turned on when he fondles Kim's firm breasts. He grabs her ass as he sticks his tongue deep in her mouth. He then bends her over the couch forcing his cock deep into her asshole. While he is fucking her from behind he slowly strokes her cock. Watch the entire hardcore shemale action movie!
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Updated July 11, 2008 A beautiful shemale meets up with a hot young guy at the park. After talking for a few minutes she asked him to cum over so they can get to know each other a little better! They stripped off each other's clothing then took turns sucking & fucking each other!
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Updated July 4, 2008 Beautiful shemale with big firm breasts and a plump ass meets up with her boyfriend for some hardcore fun! She starts off sucking his cock. Once he is nice and hard she bends over and gets fucked hard from behind! Watch the entire hardcore shemale movie now!!









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