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It had been a really long time since Mike had given his cock to some hot shemale ass, and he drove an hour to meet Trish, a super hot shemale friend. She had just finished getting fully hard when he arrived. He started by sucking on her beautiful breasts but asked immediately if he could work his way over to Trish's ass. Mike began pounding away, and after half an hour Trish was getting ready to return the generous favor!
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Linda never paid the electricity and her girlfriend Vanessa was really pissed off. She was really upset for the fact that she hasn't had a job for the past 2 months. She decided it was time to break up with her, but when she begged and pleaded to give him another chance she decided to let her stay one more week until she gets her act together. But Vanessa felt she needed to be punished with a hard spanking! She forced Linda over and pulled up her skirt beating her ass until it was a bright red.
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Ted was pissed at his hot shemale girlfriend, Beatrice, after he found out she cheated on him. He decided to have angry breakup sex with her. Not only did he treat her like a piece of meat, but he fingered, fucked, fisted, "footed" and spat all over this slut before he came on her face!!
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Susan stopped by her boyfriend's house to give him a surprise visit. He was so happy to see her, that he couldn't keep his hands off of her. He quickly slid down her pants exposing her long hard cock, and started sucking it and licking it. Once she was nice and hard, he bent over and took it deep in his ass!
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After a swim in the pool Jessica and Monique decide to help each other dry off. Jessica slowly slips off Monique's panties, and goes down on her and sucks her cock. Watch as they take turns fingering each other's assholes and sucking each others hard cocks. Monique then bends over and sticks her cock deep into Jessica's tight pink asshole!
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Kayla is an aspiring shemale model. In order to get her face out, she needs professional pictures. However, like so many other hopeful models, Kayla has a lot of drive but very little money. So she found herself a great photographer and paid him with hot sex!
Mary is a beautiful sexy blonde female, and she really pissed off her shemale lover Sacha. Sacha grabbed Mary and put her over her leg. She then proceeded to spank her very hard. Once she was done spanking her, she had Mary suck on her cock then licked her ass! Watch the hard Shemale punishment video now!

Bonus Update Bobby's girlfriend went out of town for the day, and when she returned found that her boyfriend did not clean their apartment. She was really pissed off and decided to punish him. She pulled out a vibrator and attacked him with it! She forced it into his mouth and made him suck on it. After getting it nice and lubricated he attached it to a strap on, and fucked him extremely hard in the ass!!
Betsy, a super sexyshemale Latino, lives with her boyfriend and his roommate. On this night, Betsy discovered that her boyfriend has be cheating on her behind her back. Betsy wanted to get even so she went into the roommates room and settled the score by fucking him!
This beautiful busty lady is one of the most beautiful Shemale's ever! When she meets up with a guys she gets her cock sucked by them. Watch Rob bend her over and see them take turns sucking and fucking each other while they play around with their balls!
Bonus Update June 30, 2008 Steve ran up the credit card bill and his girlfriend was really pissed off. She was really upset for the fact that Steve hasn't had a job for the past 2 months. She decided to kick him out of the house, but he begged and pleaded to give him another chance. She decided to let him stay but felt he needed to be punished with a thick strapon! She forced him to suck on the strapon then she shoved it deep into his ass!
Updated June 27, 2008 Brian needed to have some shemale cock in his ass, it was that time of the week, so he travelled to the west side of town to meet with his "friend" Trish. She had just finished with her penis enlarger, and was more than ready for Brian's cute butt. He started by sucking on her beautiful breasts but asked immediately if she could get to work on his ass. She began pounding away, and after half an hour Brian was more than ready to give it back to her!
Bonus Update May 9, 2008 Mia came home from work and found her boyfriend Rocky anxiously waiting for her. He was stressed out from work and he knows that his girlfriend has just the cure for his stress. She came in, and quickly pulled out his cock. She started stroking his cock while he felt up her big firm breasts. She even used a glass dildo in his ass! Watch as he explodes all over her tits!









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