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Camille, a super-hot shemale Latino, lives with her boyfriend and his roommate. On this night, Camille discovered that her boyfriend has be cheating on her behind her back! Camille wanted to get even so she went into the roommates room next door and settled the score by fucking him in the ass!
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James got some home from work and found his griendfriend and her friend hanging out together. James girlfriend asked him if she thought her friend Lisa was cute. He was a little shy but replied that he thought she was very cute. James then got the shock of his life. His girlfriend asked if he wanted to have a threesome with both of them. He thought he was about to have the time of his ife until Lisa's friend pulled down her pants to reveal a huge cock! Lisa then pulled out a strapon and he realized he was the one who was about to get fucked!
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Felicia is a beautiful blonde shemale who meets up with one of her horny boyfriends three times a week for some hardcore anal fucking. First, they start off by taking turns sucking each other's cocks. Then, after they are both nice and hard, they take turns screwing each other deep in their ass!

John met a girl online and called her to come over for some sex. When she got there, John was very attracted to her. They started kissing and feeling up each other then John got the shock of his life! She had a cock! At first he was a little hesitant, but he was so horny he couldn't keep his hands off of her, or her cock! It was a new experience for him, but he enjoyed every inch of it!
Bonus Update From Lily came home from work and found her boyfriend resting on the couch. She was extremely horny and couldn't wait to get her hands on him! She quickly stripped off her clothing exposing her beautiful firm breasts and tight body. She then unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and gave him an great handjob!
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Sara invited her boyfriend Mike over to hang out for the weekend, because she had a surprise visitor staying with her. When Mike walked in and saw a tall blonde girl his mouth dropped to the floor. Sara asked him if he wanted to have a threesome and he immediately said yes. At first he was extremely happy that his girlfriend would let him have sex with another girl, UNTIL the blonde stripped off her clothing exposing her big firm breasts, and huge cock! Mike was shocked because he had no clue the blonde was a shemale! As he turned to look at his girlfrield he noticed she was pulling out a strapon dildo and at that moment he realized that he as the one about to be dominated by his girlfriend and shemale!
A few months ago Tim would never have been caught dead with a shemale with he had never seen a shemale as beautiful as Tammy, a tranny his girlfriend brought into the bedroom one night. How he just can't seem to get enough. When his girlfriend isn't around he calls his shemale friend to come over. Tim is really itching for a real hard cock in his ass and Tammy is more than happy to do just that!
Venessa is a sexy shemale who is into hunky dudes that can really give her a good old fashioned hardcore fucking. Well she definitely lucked out when she was introduced to Billy. Vanessa called him over to have a few drinks to ease the mood! They stripped off each other's clothing then took turns sucking & fucking each other!
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Kyle was a really bad boy. After he drove drunk and was arrested for a DWI, his superhot shemale girlfriend bailed him out and took him home. She decided to teach him a lesson by fucking him like a little whore. After they both got naked, Kyle was fucked so hard in the ass that he was sore the next day!
Clyde was so pissed off at his hot shemale girlfriend, Jackie, after he found out she cheated on him. He decided to meet with her and have angry breakup sex . Not only did he treat her like a piece of meat, but he fingered, fucked, fisted, and spat all over this slut before he blew his load right on her face!
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Jim usually loves to get fucked by his hot shemale girlfriend Kimberly, but he was in a different mood, and decided to try and switch things up. Today, he wanted tio fuck her in the ass and he wanted to give it to her hard. Kimberly was more than happy to oblige. She took out out her giant cock and fucked him good!
Christopher is bi-sexual and enjoys the pussy as well as the cock. His girlfriend Veronica is well aware of this and decided to give him a great birthday present. She had her sexy brunette shemale friend come fuck him in the ass and sucked him off till he came in her mouth!
After a long day of work Kevin was really looking forward to getting it in the ass by his shemale girlfriend Gia. The first thing he did when he saw her was suck her cock and turn around so that Gia could stick her large dick insde of his tight ass!









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